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At Minion Co. we work every day to bring you – our wretched customers – the best in beasts that money could buy. Our Minions are hand grown in the rich soil of a small island off the coast of Costa Rica. On the night of a full moon, each Monster is hand picked by one of our highly trained goblins and packed to preserve the peek of freshness. All our creatures are one of a kind, collectible, cage-free, non GMO, fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free so that you get only our best each and every time you shop at a Minion Co. We know that you are very choosy in what type of abominations you chose to use in your TTRPG of choice and we are grateful that of all the henchmen providers you could have chosen, you chose us.

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Unleash the creatures of your darkest fantasies and face the unknown with the Wretched Bestiary, a compendium of the most formidable, mystical, and eerie beings from across realms and realities. 

Divided into fourteen chapters, each brimming with lore, statistics, and sinister secrets, the Wretched Bestiary is an indispensable resource for any game master seeking to truly test their players’ courage and cunning. Creatures of myth and legend are laid bare, from rampaging beasts and cunning cryptids to ancient dragons and entities so alien their very existence defies comprehension.

Delve into chapters that bring to life animals warped by fell magic, monstrosities born from the Aftermath of unspeakable cataclysms, and cybernetic adversaries from grim futures yet to come. Discover denizens of the infinite void between realities, the shambling undead who refuse oblivion’s embrace, and minions ripped from the darkest pantheons of eldritch lore.






Giants, Ogres, and Trolls

Goblins and Their Kin

Minions from the Aftermath

Human NPCs

Adversaries of the Future

Dungeon Minions

Terrors from Space


Wretched Minions from Mythology


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