Timeless : Creatures!


Live out your favorite Sci-fi horror movies by translating simple descriptions into gameplay with Timeless the RPG: Creatures!

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Movies are full of characters who see a monster and try their hardest to get killed at the hands of that beast. Mutant shark? Let’s go swimming! Volcano monster? Let’s collect geodes! These people were written into the story just to find a way to die.

But what if your only recourse wasn’t screaming at the TV screen? What if YOU were that character. This is your chance in Creatures! Invent cures, order guards to their doom, and blow up half of the facility to stop that horror from reaching the general public. And do it all your own way. It’s your chance to save the day in a game of Creatures! A supplement for Timeless the RPG.

PDF Edition

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PDF Edition


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