The Peacockatrice’s Trail


A stand-alone ShadowDark gauntlet set in David McGorgans Yoon Suin seeting.

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 Two nights ago, a young Peacocktrice, kept in The Halls Of The Written Garden, was set loose during a botched robbery. Naah Seer, a priest of ‘The Seeds Of Thought’, barely escaped when the beast discovered his brotherhood performing the sacrificial rites of their faith the following morning.

Naah Seer promises a small sum of coin, or a simple favor to whomever can successfully return the Peacockatrice to its cage, unharmed. Your character(s) may have fallen onto hard times, incurring crushing debts. Or they might seek a favor from the slugman, hoping it might unlock a hidden path. Whatever their reasons, they have taken up Naah Seer’s quest. 

[Physical Copies] I’ve printed a very small and limited run of this adventure in a zine format. If you’d like a physical copy to be mailed to you for 5$ (for shipping in the US) please reach out to me through discord: Bluelotis#9578


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The Peacockatrice’s Trail