The Bastard King


This adventure is mainly inspired by The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers. A play that turns people insane is perfect for Wretched Époque. A parallel between Carcosa and Antillia comes naturally, and thus the King in Yellow became the Bastard King. A 56 page scenario for Wretched Époque or any other game set in late 19th century Paris. (56 pages)

5 out of 5
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In the last months it seems a strange “epidemic” of suicide has taken over Paris, the authorities are trying to ignore it, but a small disturbing detail can’t be overlooked forever: The corpses of the afflicted were all marked by the same strange sign. Some call it the Sign of the Bastard. Its connection with a famous operetta titled The Bastard King will lead the characters down a road paved by peril and madness. Can they stop the Bastard King before becoming his next victims?


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The Bastard King