Where do you put the captured aliens from Wretched Conspiracies? The supernatural threats from Wretched Darkness? The all powerful super villains  from Wretched Vigilantes? No normal prison will hold these threats; so where have we been putting them all these years? The Supermax prisons. 

In this product we introduce the idea of three Supermax prisons that exist in the world of Wretched Darkness, Conspiracies and Vigilantes and how each one is specifically designed to hold these threats. For your agents trying to unravel the mysteries of Wretched Conspiracies, we present the Area 52 Supermax, deep in the Nevada desert. For those investigators of all things Wretched Darkness, we have cells set aside in Area 52 and Alcatraz just for vampires, werewolves and ghosts. And as for the super villains, we have the Alcatraz Supermax and the mysterious off shore location known only as The Deep.

Since we are exposing secrets, we also at last reveal the master plan of Edge and explain what’s up with all those sightings of Edge. And we get some answers to some other questions as well from Tag. If you do the crime, be ready to do the time at the Wretched Supermax (77 pages).

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