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Somewhere, so far and away, a Forsaken Planet exists. The people there are having the time of their lives, even as they scrape by to keep them. They can’t remember the civilities of brunch or the feel of space age memory foam mattresses. They know the comfort of a hot barrel and the smell of sulfurite when their makeshift blastaracker has won them the fight.

Mutants! is a fast-paced skirmish game in which nomadic gangs of Mutants roam the Post Forsakened planet in search of supplies to survive another day.

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Ever wanted to suffer day in and day out to survive 99 years after the Forsaking, possibly having to kill or be killed for some crumbs of a ChoccoSpud??? Of course not! But now you imagine how freaking cool it could be with this table top skirmish game! Create your Mutant leader and build a gang of tentacled, cyclopped, caustic oozing, chainsaw prosthetic wielding vagabonds and face off against your friends. Tired of table top games that take 40 millennia to play? Exhausted of the constant turn and burn of the tournament meta? Metaphorically dead from the designers never releasing the rules for your favorite models? Look no further! Mutants! plays on 15″ by 15″ board with no more than 7 models per player. A 2 player game lasts about 35 minutes but; it supports up to four players with ease. No measuring tape required as Mutants uses a cube grid for movement and ranges. Mutants! also supports campaign style play wherein you can level up your gang, cause drastic injuries to your opponents, and try to build a rocket ship to the moon!

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  1. ravenwulfgar

    Hey kids, do you like wargames like Warhammer 40K? Do you like them to be simple skirmish games? Are you trying to get your friends on board? Well look no further!
    It’s a free game and your own team will fight to defend territory or fight to take it. You’ll have extra limbs, weird visions and it will be like WH40K on mescaline without breaking your pocketbook and the best part? It’s fun! Remember that?

    This game alone will give you more cred at more tables the more players you introduce to it. Did you get exposed to radiation? Eat paint chips as a child? Then you’re going to love this game!

    Mutants, leaves only the fresh scent of blood in the wasteland!

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