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Are you ready to embrace the gritty, morally ambiguous world of anti-heroes? The revised and expanded Wretched Role-Playing Game invites you to explore the dark and cinematic Wretchedverse where you can take on the roles of complex, flawed protagonists in a variety of settings spanning dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic wastelands, and beyond. This comprehensive core rulebook contains everything you need to immerse yourself in the Wretchedverse. just grab some dice and prepare to walk the line between hero and villain.

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This definitive guide beckons you to the Wretchedverse, a game where the line between hero and villain blurs, and the path of the anti-hero is fraught with moral complexity. Spanning a myriad of grim settings—from the dark lands of fantasy to the desolate wastelands of the apocalypse and the neon-lit corners of future noir—this core rulebook is your all-access pass to a cinematic universe where shades of gray dominate the landscape.

Highlights Include:

  • Character Creation: The Expanded core book includes lifepaths for all of our main Wretched settings, from Bastards to Space.
  • Occupation and Archetypes: A comprehensive compilation of archetypes, from the Wretched Bastards’ dark fantasy realms to the futuristic dystopias of Wretched New Flesh.
  • Skills: Includes a new, streamlined alternative approach.
  • Perks and Drawbacks
  • Equipment: A list that encompasses different tech levels.
  • Optional Wretchedness: Life in the Wretchedverse is fraught with peril, but this chapter introduces mechanisms to balance the scales in favor of our anti-heroes.
  • Vehicle Combat: This section takes the dynamic combat of the Wretchedverse to new speeds, integrating expanded rules from various settings.
  • Battlefield Combat: Drawing inspiration from Wretched Chambara!, this chapter enhances the combat experience with large-scale conflicts.
  • Settlement and Domain Management: Building upon the original settlement management rules, this revised edition adds layers of complexity.
  • City Generator: Build your own Wretched city.
  • Hacking: From Wretched New Flesh and Wretched Space
  • Adversaries: Featuring a selection from the extensive Wretched Bestiary.
  • Fear and Insanity: Expanded rules for sanity delve into the psychological torment and resilience of characters facing the unspeakable horrors of the Wretchedverse.
  • Magic and Psionics: Delve into the arcane or harness psychic talents to bend the world to your will.
  • Rules Summary and Glossary: A consolidated overview of the core mechanics and a comprehensive glossary support players and game masters.


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