Dystopian Dawn : 2526 Game Master’s Guide [Hard Cover] IN STOCK!


Dystopian Dawn : 2526 Game Master’s Guide

Hard Cover Deluxe Print edition

This is half of the core rule system for Dystopian Dawn. The Player’s is required for complete core system rules. This book has everything you need to GM Dystopian Dawn, including:

  • Expanded rules and Tables for Combat
  • Reaction Tables
  • Random Encounter Tables for all terrain types & weather!
  • Expanded Magic backlash rules
  • Complete illustrated Creature Compendium
  • Rules for Mutating your Monsters!
  • FOUR Starting Scenarios written for you
  • Lots of reference for new adventures
  • Lots of GM tips for new gamers & grognards alike!

PLUS you’ll get a free copy of the Digital PDF when you purchase this book.

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Dystopian Dawn : 2526

The RPG where post-apocalyptic super science meets swords & sorcery!

The world ended. All was death and radioactive decay. Centuries passed. From the ashes rose a new breed of survivors.  

Barbarians, Scoundrels, Engineers, Mutants, Druids, and Wizards battle for survival and dominance in the chaotic aftermath of the world that once was.

What secrets and horrors lie hidden beneath the irradiated surface?

Will magic or technology save the world? Or will they destroy what is left?

The answers lie in the wastelands – where only the brave dare to tread.

Welcome to the Dystopian Dawn of 2526.

The Player’s Guide includes the core rules for character creation and game play.  

Dystopian Dawn’s Magic and Psionics systems are uniquely customizable fueled by your imagination.

Over 40-years of gaming research went into creating a system for everyone! 

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Dystopian Dawn : 2526 Game Master’s Guide [Hard Cover] IN STOCK!

Availability: 5 in stock (can be backordered)