Dice & Demons Quickstart Rules V 1.1


What is Dice and Demons? 

Dice and Demons is a fantasy roleplaying system intended to be generally flexible and slot into many possible settings. The system in this document represents quickstart rules for the core system. This is not the completed product and material has been omitted from the master document for the sake of brevity. The system is intended to be more lethal than D&D 5e and characters can easily die or survive by sheer luck. Players will be expected to use their wits to overcome problems and fights may be hard and potentially unwinnable.

What Is To Come In The Full Book:

  • More races
  • More classes
  • More character customization¬†
  • More invocation schools, including generic ones
  • More monsters
  • A lot more weapons
  • Rules for backgrounds
  • Rules for encumbrance and gear
  • Rules for travel
  • More rule options and random tables
  • Land, sea, and air vehicle rules (tanks, planes, ships, and more)
  • Step by step world building guide

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Dice & Demons Quickstart Rules V 1.1