Advanced Crimson Dragon Slayer D20

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Rules-light O5R… D&D in arcade mode!

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Rules-light O5R… D&D in arcade mode!

Advanced Crimson Dragon Slayer D20 is my go-to system for running Cha’alt, or any rules-light fantasy roleplaying adventure.  And it’s FREE!

2 reviews for Advanced Crimson Dragon Slayer D20

  1. Patrick Wilson (verified owner)

    Are you frustrated with towers of tomes, character options, feats, classes, spells, and other shit getting in your way of playing an immersive and thrilling game? Wish you could show up on a Friday night at your ol’ DM’s house and just get to playing the greatest game of all time?
    I love CDS. I absolutely LOVE CDS. Recently, I was kind of down because I just didn’t like running ‘DnD’. It’s dribble and trite in the worst ways. But my players just don’t want to learn a new system. That’s where Venger saves the day here: Crimson Dragon Slayer cuts all the extraneous fat and gets right to what makes the game fun. This game reinvigorated my brothers and I to play on a regular basis again, and it works wonderfully through VTT’s. The rules are laid out beautifully, there’s no sense of frustrated writer, and it’s super easy to reference because it’s a wonderfully condensed package. It works well for any basic fantasy, to include your current 5E game, but translates well into any setting you want it to. The initiative system is mentally ergonomic, the spell system keeps casters feeling powerful without being game breaking, and character creation is incredibly easy.
    Venger also updates it, and for a free product, you couldn’t ask for a more dedicated creator. Thank you Venger for giving us CDS and may all your future products be just as metal!

  2. ravenwulfgar

    This is the D&D Clone that favors the GM.

    Few rules, no character sheets, pure dice-rolling and all adjudication.

    The basic rules of official D&D are free, yes but it’s nearly 200 pages. This document right here? It expanded from 17 pages to 19 pages and that’s only because there are about two more pages of illustrations, some slight rules revisions and, best of all…no bloat. None. Zip. Zero.

    There are people that love that whole Rule Zero thing and want to abuse it. They’re bringing official D&D books to the table and not bothering to use them. They love that whole Rule of Cool thing and they abuse that too.

    Crimson Dragon Slayer d20 allows you to do Rule of Cool and Rule Zero the right way. This light-weight system takes fantasy gaming back to it’s roots and puts final say so where it should be, the GM. Also, this is the entire rule system used for Cha’alt. If you like this system, then perhaps also get Cha’alt and explore an entirely new level of post-apocalyptic sci-fi, fantasy with Lovecraftian horror elements!

    GMs, take your power back!

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