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Venture into the heart of Avalidad, a neo-futurist megacity birthed from the sands of northern Africa. This sourcebook unfolds the tale of a city that eclipsed its origins as a corporate dream to become a standalone marvel. Witness its evolution from segmented corporate enclaves to the glittering City of Glass, the epicentre of power and wealth, juxtaposed against the sprawling slums where the city’s underclass toils, and find about its political, and corporate intrigues (171 pages).

Note: If you already own Wretched New Flesh – Second Edition you can download this file for free. A large part of the information in this book is already contained in the second edition. The City Guide is meant mostly for people who purchased Postacards from Avalidad (a Postmortem Studios release), first edition New Flesh or anyone else wanting to add a bizarre new city to their near future games.

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This sourcebook presents a comprehensive historical exploration of Avalidad, accompanied by in-depth portrayals of its distinct neighbourhoods and major characters. It covers essential locales for adventurers to seek out or steer clear of, profiles of prominent corporations, an analysis of the political landscape, insights into prevailing social currents, as well as trends in fashion and sports. It also delves into the city’s most influential gangs and criminal underworld. Also included are tables for spontaneously generating locales, NPCs, and plot hooks, alongside tools for creating new gangs and neighbourhoods. Additionally, this guide furnishes a glossary to navigate the lexicon of New Flesh technology and Avalidad’s unique urban slang.


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Avalidad City Guide