Affiliate Marketing Program

Effective immediately Giant Slayer Games will be launching an affiliate marketing program. The purpose of this program will be to reward those who drive traffic to the website and help us to make sales. Affiliates will earn a 5% commission for every sale made through their affiliate links. Affiliates will get credit for sales made up to 7 days after the link has been clicked.

How do I Join?

The affiliate marketing program is available only to those who have an account with Giant Slayer Games, so if you don’t have an account you need to create one. You can do that here.

Once you have an account, and you’re logged in, joining the program is as simple as clicking on the ‘Affiliate Dashboard” link in the menu.

After you’ve been approved you’ll be able to access your affiliate dashboard. Your dashboard will allow you to track commissions, visits, payments, etc. You’ll also be able to access the link generator. This will give you a general link you can provide to others, as well as allow you to create links to specific products.


For legal purposes, you will be required to add a disclaimer to any page or video where you use an affiliate link. You can use the following or create your own.

“This page may contain affiliate links. If you click on the link and make a purchase I will earn a small commission for each sale made at no additional cost to you.”

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